Disc Golf Dictionary

Have you heard some terms in a disc golf video that you didn’t know what they meant? What about just playing a round with a buddy and they said something that you’re not sure is completely made up?

We’ve got you covered with this Comprehensive Disc Golf Dictionary.

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There are 13 names in this directory beginning with the letter H.
a prudent attempt at a risky putt

hardened ground, prone to large skips

out-of-bounds area in which a one stroke penalty is incurred and the player throws from where their disc has settled

Head Banger
a putt in which the player may hit their head on the basket when retrieving their marker

a wind blowing from directly in front, opposing forward motion

Heart of the Chains
dead center of the chains

Hit Off the Band
when a shot or putt hits the top of the basket

the part of the course associated with a particular teeing area, putting green and hole. play of a hole begins from the teeing area and ends when the ball is holed on the putting green; basket

Holing Out
the player’s disc is at rest inside the basket (“holed”)

Horseshoe Putt
a putting style that resembles playing horseshoes

an angle of release in which the outside edge of the disc is tilted downward

Hyzer Bomb
a massive hyzer

when a disc is thrown with a hyzer release angle and “flips up” to flat, typically a long straight shot


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