BigSexy Innova Champion Leopard3

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Innova Champion Leopard3 with NEW 2019 XXL BigSexy Stamp. Available in 175g. Stamp color will vary.

BigSexy 2019 Tour Discs

Hello and Welcome! The 2019 BigSexy tour discs are here for your throwing pleasure! You can try throwing them into some chains or your nearest upright juniper. We don’t care where you throw them as long as you know that your purchase directly supports the boys and their ability to keep coming back to the mics. You’ll be surprised how spicy picante your game will get when you start bagging one of these. Thank you for your support from the depths of our BigSexy hearts. ❤

If you like surprises then you’ll be glad to know that a small batch of discs have been signed by BigSexy and will be randomly sent out according to the mold/color ordered so choose wisely! 😉

Stamp designed by Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling in collaboration with Sean Tulgetske.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in
Disc Color

Pink, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Dayglo Green, Red

1 review for BigSexy Innova Champion Leopard3

  1. TrouserJake (verified owner)

    I wish I could add a picture to show how clean this thing is. OMG the stamp foil is beautiful. I got a Pink 175 gram and it’s very light, I’d call it coral colored, and shines so nice in the sun. My stamp is a deep emerald green with bright like green shatter.
    I also got one of the autographed discs without making a special request. Honestly I hoped I would get one, so I chose what I thought would be a lesser requested color. If that helps. Not only were the autographs a bonus, but the pink really just looks so damn sexy.

    In the hand it has a great, flat top. I bought a star leo3 the same day and it has a more noticeable dome than its Champion plastic sibling. As most Champ innova discs are this Leopard3 is more overstable out of the box than the numbers suggest. The glide is there to begin and the fade is reliable. Flies like a TL. Seven is a great speed rating for thks disc as well. I know the turn will work in as the disc seasons. Keep in mind Champion plastic takes forever to beat in, so if you’re looking for a stable fairway driver to eventually season into a longer late turning fairway this is a great disc for your bag.

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