JomezPro & DGPT Join Forces

To Our Loyal Subscribers,

I have some very exciting news to share with you – it is my pleasure to announce that JomezPro is now part of the Disc Golf Pro Tour family. This means that JomezPro will be able to continue focusing on our strengths by providing you the same Disc Golf coverage and content that we have provided for over 10 years while allowing us to scale our operations with the support that comes from the exceptionally talented and knowledgeable staff at the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

JomezPro has been working closely with the DGPT ever since we committed our efforts to Disc Golf full-time back in 2017. We have come up in the sport together and given everything we have to help elevate our sport to places we never dreamed it could be. In the years since, JomezPro has held strong to our commitment to providing next-day post-produced tournament coverage for free to die-hard Disc Golf fans all around the world.

As a part of this new partnership, JomezPro has committed to providing next-day MPO and FPO coverage for free to our fans without sacrificing the quality and consistency that you’ve come to expect from us. This simply would not have been possible without months of planning alongside the Disc Golf Pro Tour team. We are also excited to be able to pursue more non-tournament projects as well as projects like the Approachable and Patent Pending podcasts. We’ll be sharing more info with you all very soon!

To learn more about what this milestone agreement will mean for JomezPro, check out this short Q&A article on

We’ve been on an incredible journey these last 11 years, and I truly believe this is just the beginning. This next step in our story is incredibly exciting as it pairs us with another Disc Golf pioneer and provides us with more opportunities than ever before.

We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for the future of JomezPro and the sport of Disc Golf as a whole!

❤️ Jonathan Gomez & the JomezPro Crew

Our partnership with the DGPT has allowed us to bring new and exciting benefits to Patreon members, with up to 20% off the JomezPro and DGPT shops, free event tickets for some membership tiers, and more! Check out the membership tiers and their benefits here:

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