Disc Golf Dictionary

Have you heard some terms in a disc golf video that you didn’t know what they meant? What about just playing a round with a buddy and they said something that you’re not sure is completely made up?

We’ve got you covered with this Comprehensive Disc Golf Dictionary.

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There are 8 names in this directory beginning with the letter N.
National Tour
an event series for the Open and Open Women’s divisions developed by the PDGA and its marketing partners

Natural OB
rough so thick that the player has to pitch out sideways into the fairway with little to no distance gained thereby, essentially an OB stroke

when a disc skips in an altered or opposite direction than the expected direction (also known as an anti-skip)

a situation in which someone says “Nice” referring to what looks like a nice shot only to see that same shot take an unfortunate kick or otherwise have a less than ideal result

No Picture On The Scorecard
meaning there is no evidence as to how a score was achieved on any given hole; usually referring to a poor attempt at a putt that somehow manages to be successful

a slow-motion replay of a missed putt, opposed to a SloMez

Noodle Arm
a player who does not throw very far

leading edge; nose-up is when the leading edge is tilted upwards; nose-down is when the leading edge is tilted downwards


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