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Have you heard some terms in a disc golf video that you didn’t know what they meant? What about just playing a round with a buddy and they said something that you’re not sure is completely made up?

We’ve got you covered with this Comprehensive Disc Golf Dictionary.

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There are 43 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
a custom, non-standard layout of a hole or course

a player who is playing in a division lower than their skill level

see scramble, ex: birdie-save, par-save, bogey-save, etc.

Sawed Off
an early release resulting in less power

Schruted It
it’s just this thing people say around the office all the time... like when you screw something up in a really irreversible way. you Schruted it. see: we’re The Office fanatics

Scoober (Scoobie)
a utility shot type in which the disc is upside down and thrown in front of and across the body, starting from the player’s non-throwing shoulder; held with the forehand grip

Score Separation
different scores on a hole; a greater variation in scores means a higher scoring separation

a card in which scores are entered

to recover from a poor lie and still save par or better

Scratch Scoring Average (SSA)
the score that produces a round rating closest to 1000; the higher the SSA, the more challenging the course played in that round

Sexton Golf
smart golf, conservative play

[Nate] Sexton Firebird; Nate Sexton signature disc

a poor throw, typically leads to a mulligan

a non-podcast not about disc golf hosted by Jomez and Big Sexy

(Shool? Schule? Yes, this is a dictionary but no we don’t know how to spell it ;)) – the rough in some parts of the world; thick foliage next to the fairway

Signature Disc
a disc stamped with a pro player’s signature, see Sexybird

Simon Line
a throw that does not exist except for the in the mind of Simon Lizotte

Skins Match
a round of disc golf in which a “skin” represents a hole, typically cash is awarded to the winner of each skin; a push in a skins match is when a skin is not won and is pushed to the next hole thus increasing the number of skin on one hole

refers to when a disc bounces off the ground

shot type invented by Simon Lizotte that resembles the thumber but is thrown with the same grip as a backhand roller, throw anhyzer line with an extremely understable disc to flip completely on its back

Sky Roller
backhand roller that is thrown high into the sky before landing on angle and rolling

slow-motion replay of a made putt

slow-motion replay in which the player is on a drastic slope facing downwards to the basket

the point in which momentum is transferred into the disc, imparting spin to the disc; hit

carding a score of 8 on a hole and making light of the situation by pointing out the fact that the digit looks like a snowman

rate at which a disc travels in the air

Speed of Play
the rate at which the game is played

Spike Hyzer
a shot with extreme hyzer angle, typically to knife into the ground and reduce skip

Spin Putt
a putting style in which the putter is propelled forward with a high-spin rate

a missed putt in which the putt should have stayed in the basket but was spit back out

a missed putt in which the putt makes contact near the center and goes out the other side with minimal resistance from the chains

a missed putt in which the putt was on the side, caught a lot of chains yet was pushed out

Spush Putt
a putting style where the putter is propelled forward with both a push and a high spin rate

Stable (Neutral)
the propensity of the disc to fly straight

Staggered Stance
putting style in which one foot is in front of the other, opposed to a straddle putt

Stall Shot
a shot that is intentionally thrown nose-up in order for the disc to stall in the air or in other terms to drop out of the sky as if it were a helicopter that lost power midflight 

design on the flight plate

refers to the entire card scoring a birdie on a hole

Step Putt (Stepper)
similar to a jump putt but instead of jumping, the player steps forward beyond their lie

Straddle Putt
a putting style in which the player spreads their legs and squats as if straddling a horse

a throw

Stroke and Distance
an OB rule in which the player is given a penalty stroke and loses any gain of distance towards the hole and must throw from the spot where the previous stroke was made (the stroke that went OB)

refers to the entire card scoring a birdie with an eagle(s) to


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