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The life of a Disc Golf coverage catch cam operator isn't easy. One must always been in the line of fire in order to catch the perfect angle as the world's top professionals hurl chunks of plastic toward the chains in their quest for birdies.

Over the past few years, Michael has had some VERY close calls, but to this day has NEVER been hit! He has an incredible sixth sense about him that allows him to avoid contact with the discs while maintaining his composure and getting some great shots.

This is a small glimpse into the life of a catch cam operator.

Jomez Productions Disc Golf 2017

Plastic Hurlers:
Paul McBeth
Ricky Wysocki
Nate Sexton
Simon Lizotte
Eagle McMahon
Jeremy Koling
Johne McCray
Will Schusterick
Philo Brathwaite
Nikko Locastro

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YouTube video

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