Have you heard some terms in a disc golf video that you didn't know what they meant? What about just playing a round with a buddy and they said something that you're not sure is completely made up?

We've got you covered with this Comprehensive Disc Golf Dictionary.

Huge shoutout to those that helped us make this glossary. Thank you Hunter P. for putting the leg work in to put together this massive piece of information, and thank you to our fans for helping it grow.

If you'd like to contribute or see we're missing something just leave a comment below and we'll add it to the list!

2-meter rule

rule in which a penalty stroke is incurred when a disc settles in a tree 2+ meters off the ground, mainly in effect in California


regional tournaments with strict requirements for the overall purse and payouts


a hole-in-one

Air Ball

to completely miss the basket on an attempted putt

Air Bounce

a reaction to the wind in which the disc rises in the air as if it is bouncing; OR a shot type in which the disc is thrown towards the ground and right before release is tilted nose-up, causing the disc to bounce off a cushion of air


three under par

Am-side (Weak Side)

the side of the basket that “pros typically avoid” because they know that the spin of their disc has a higher chance of hitting the chains and splashing out; left-hand side of chains for a RH player


an angle of release in which the outside edge of the disc is tilted upward

Approach (Up-shot)

throw into the green from the fairway

Arm Speed

rate at which the arm pulls the disc


considered state-level tournament

Back Of The Box (B.O.B.)

last player to tee


throw type in which the player turns their back to the basket

Backhand Grip

thumb and palm on the flight plate and/or rim with fingers on the underside of the disc

Bag Tag

tags for a players’ disc golf bag, typically to show membership to a club

Band (Chastity Belt)

the top part of the basket that makes a loud doink with hit


target; the finishing point on the putting green for the hole being played


a ridge on the bottom of the rim of a disc

Beast Mode

playing with extreme focus and skill

Beat-in (Seasoned)

a disc that has hit many trees, has been used for a considerable period of time in which the flight characteristics have changed to be more understable than when the disc was new

Bid (Run)

an attempt at landing a disc in the basket; ex: ace-run, good bid, soft bid, etc.

Big Arm

player who can throw very far

Big Jerm

nickname for Jeremy Koling

Big Sexy

commentary duo of Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling and Nate “Sexy” Sexton


one under par

Birdie Alley

a string of holes in which birdie is a likely attainable

Birdie Fest

when a player is shooting exceptionally well and they earn so many birdies in a row that they should be selling tickets to the show


to finish the remaining holes with a birdie


when the player has a putt for birdie but ends up three putting for the bogey

Black Ace (Anti-ace)

an ace into the wrong basket

Bonus Birdie (Feel Good Two)

a birdie that is exceptionally hard to achieve


the stopping of all forward momentum in one’s front leg

Brown Ace

a throw off the tee that lands in a trash can or dumpster


to land within 5 ft of the basket for birdie


nickname for Paul Ulibarri, Big Jerm might be the only one who calls him this


local tournament


bottom part of the basket that holds the disc when it settles


group of players playing together


(to cash) when a player shoots well and earns actual money in a tournament

Casual Relief

relief with no penalty stroke

Catch Cam

camera used to catch the end of the disc flight


the maximum height at which a disc can fly due to course obstacles

Central Coast Disc Golf (CCDG)

archnemesis and post production rival of JomezPro. the yin to our yang. the Jack in the Box to our Whataburger. the Team Iceland to our Mighty Ducks. our team has made a vow to stop at nothing until there remains only ONE SUPREME LEADER IN DISC GOLF COVERAGE! jk..we love and respect the hell out of those guys and totally eat at Jack in the Box pretty regularly

Chase Card

card behind the lead card, attempting to chase down the lead card


10-meter (33 ft) circle around the basket, indicates the putting area in which the disc must come to rest before the player can move beyond their mark

Circle 1

see circle

Circle 2

10 to 20-meter (33 to 66ft) circle around the basket

Circle 3 (any number)

pertains to a circle on the scorecard, indicates a penalty on the hole; some players indicate penalties with a “p” as well

Circle’s Edge

edge of circle 1


a putt in which the player has gone long of the basket and has to “come back,” typically after a missed putt


four under par


an area set aside and prepared for disc golf, typically 18 holes

Course Maintenance

when your disc hits a tree branch so hard that you knock it down and effectively create a bigger gap for other players


a wind blowing across one’s direction of travel

Crush (Smash OR Full Send)

a far throw with a great deal of mustard on it; to throw far

Crush Boys

the pair of Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon



Cut Roller

a roller with a sharp angle in which it veers to the left (RHBH)

Death Putt

a putt in which there is OB, hazard, or natural OB directly behind the basket


the occurrence of a disc hitting the basket and rolling very far away, particulary at the famous De LaVeaga Disc Golf Course


dead “fudging” last, this is the absolute worst that a player could finish in their particular division at a tournament. technically, someone has to finish DFL, but DO NOT be this person in your group of friends. they will never let you forget it!


Disc Golf Pro Tour


a frisbee made specifically for disc golf

Disc Down (Club Down)

to throw a slower speed disc instead of a higher speed, typically for greater accuracy

Disc Golf

a game where the objective is to throw a disc golf disc into a disc golf basket, maneuvering through the trees

Disc Golf (Frisbee Golf)

the sport we love; a game where the objective is to throw a disc golf disc into a disc golf basket, maneuvering through the trees

Distance Driver

high-speed (>10) discs with potential to fly furthest

Distance Line

a line that is for maximum distance at the expense of accuracy


did not finish


a turn in the fairway that when viewed from above looks like a dog’s leg


dome-like shape of a disc flight plate as opposed to flat

Drive (Tee)

first shot from the tee

Drop Zone (Drop/DZ)

a lie, designated by the TD, from which the player must throw after having missed a mando or gone out-of-bounds in certain circumstances


two under par

Elevated Basket

a basket that is mounted higher than standard height


at par


propensity for discs to hook left at the end of the flight given a RHBH throw; low-speed stability


Flat and Firm, in reference to the flight plate, typically means a disc is more overstable


area through which the disc is intended to fly

Fairway Driver

speed 6 to 9 disc with potential to fly distances farther than a midrange but shorter than a distance driver

Falling Putt

a putt after which a player touches their marker disc, or any object beyond the lie, before having demonstrated balance

Fan Grip

variation of the backhand grip, fingers are spread out along the underside of the disc

Feature Card

card of featured players selected by fan vote, tournament sponsor, etc. only for first round

Field (Fairway) Ace

a throw-in from long-range; ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgC54XfiaEw


a disc that somehow manages to fight through an obstacle and continue flying

First Available

the first tree off the tee

Flare Skip

high, arching skip that can occur when throwing a distance driver

Flash the Ring(s)

similar to World Champ Love


flight shape in which the angle of release is flat then, mid-flight the angle changes to hyzer

Flex Shot (S-curve)

shot type starting on a hyzer angle to slowly turn right and then fade to the left for a RHBH, completing an S-shape in flight

Flight Plate

top part of the disc, typically described as flat or dome-y


the tendency of a disc to have more turn than fade once released


a putting style in which the putter is thrown nose up in order to float into the chains; or a disc that floats; or an Ultimate Frisbee


flutter or wobble in the disc, typically on putts

Follow Flight

a shot tracker in which the flight of the disc is followed with a colored line; ex: https://youtu.be/2FymhKa-pyM?t=39


continue one’s movement after the ball has been struck or thrown

Foot Fault

a throw in which the player has advanced beyond their marker before release


an anhyzer release with a overstable disc, relying on the stability of the disc to hook up


called out as a warning to people in the path of a bad throw

Forehand (Sidearm, Flick)

a throw type in which the player faces the target with the forehand grip and flicks their wrist

Forehand Grip

palm “to the sky” and thumb placed atop the flight plate, typically index and middle fingers are tucked into the rim with remaining fingers along the outside of the rim


Frisbee golf

Full Flight

a shot in which the entire flight possible is realized, typically a flex shot

Full Send

throwing with reckless abandon


greatest of all time


audience or group of spectators

Getting Skinny

when a disc flies through a tight gap unintentionally


the ability for the disc to stay in the air, to stay aloft

Glow Round

a night time round of golf where players play with discs that glow in the dark


accumulation of 3+ tombstones on one hole


putting area, typically the “circle”


shot type in which the disc is thrown upside down at a nearly vertical angle in order to go above the trees and drop straight down

Grip It and Rip It

phrase to grip hard and throw hard

Grip Lock

late release of the disc

Ground Play

the reaction of the disc once it hits the ground, typically in the form of a skip or curl


an obstacle in the fairway that blocks access to the green


a prudent attempt at a risky putt


hardened ground, prone to large skips


out-of-bounds area in which a one stroke penalty is incurred and the player throws from where their disc has settled

Head Banger

a putt in which the player may hit their head on the basket when retrieving their marker


a wind blowing from directly in front, opposing forward motion

Heart of the Chains

dead center of the chains

Hit Off the Band

when a shot or putt hits the top of the basket


the part of the course associated with a particular teeing area, putting green and hole. play of a hole begins from the teeing area and ends when the ball is holed on the putting green; basket

Holing Out

the player’s disc is at rest inside the basket (“holed”)

Horseshoe Putt

a putting style that resembles playing horseshoes


an angle of release in which the outside edge of the disc is tilted downward

Hyzer Bomb

a massive hyzer


when a disc is thrown with a hyzer release angle and “flips up” to flat, typically a long straight shot

Internet Distance

distance that players on the internet claim to be able to throw but typically cannot

Iron Leaf

when your disc grazes a seemingly innocent leaf, but instead knocks your disc out of the sky with a mystic power comparable to Thor’s Hammer

Iron Man Par

all holes are considered par 3


an inbounds area entirely surrounded by out-of-bounds


when your disc is thrown poorly or redirected off the fairway into thick grass, bushes, or trees and your next throw from that lie feels like you’re in jail with no reasonable throwing options


/joe-mez/ the nickname given to Jonathan Gomez (JomezPro Founder) at a summer camp that he worked at with his brother in 2007. everyone called his older brother Chris, “Gomez”, so they used it as a way to differentiate the two


loyalty program at JomezPro.com where you can earn some sweet merch


Jomez Productions, founded in 2012, a professional media company that is dedicated to the sport of Disc Golf

Jump Putt (Jumper)

a putt in which the player jumps from behind marker and lands beyond marker, note: release must be from behind marker with the player having contact with the ground


a redirection from contact with a tree or other object


a very gentle kick, barely messing with the line

Knee Knocker

a short putt with added pressure to make the player nervous

Landing Zone

area in which the player attempts to land for the best angle into the green, typically on par 4s and greater

Lay-up (Pitch-up)

short throw to the basket in the face of a death putt or an improbable throw-in

Lead card

group of players leading the tournament


left hand backhand throw, mirrors RHBH


left hand forehand throw, mirrors RHFH


spot in which the disc comes to rest


shape of flight-path

Local Pro

a professional disc golf player who generally plays tournaments in their local area

Local Route

a line to the basket that only local’s know, usually one off the intended fairway


sight at the basket; opportunity to make a putt

Makin’ Minis

refers to a disc landing atop another player’s disc


an artificial point in which it is mandatory for a disc to fly on the designated side, usually a tree or a pole, and to make the hole safer or more difficult; missing the mando results in a penalty stroke


a disc with drastic fade


disc with speed 4 to 5 that fly further than a putter and not as far as a driver

Mini (Marker)

miniature disc designed to mark a lie

Modified Fan Grip

variation of the backhand grip, mixture of the fan and power grips generally with two fingers on the rim and two along the flight plate

Motto of Disc Golf

“That was perfect! Except for that tree.”

Moving Day

the second to last day of a tournament in which players move positions the most


a second chance (or more) to perform an action, usually after the first chance went wrong through bad luck or a blunder; whereby a player is informally allowed to replay a stroke, even though this is against the formal rules

Must Get

a birdie that the player must get in order to keep pace with the field, opposed to a bonus birdie

National Tour

an event series for the Open and Open Women’s divisions developed by the PDGA and its marketing partners

Natural OB

rough so thick that the player has to pitch out sideways into the fairway with little to no distance gained thereby, essentially an OB stroke


when a disc skips in an altered or opposite direction than the expected direction (also known as an anti-skip)


a situation in which someone says “Nice” referring to what looks like a nice shot only to see that same shot take an unfortunate kick or otherwise have a less than ideal result

No Picture On The Scorecard

meaning there is no evidence as to how a score was achieved on any given hole; usually referring to a poor attempt at a putt that somehow manages to be successful


a slow-motion replay of a missed putt, opposed to a SloMez

Noodle Arm

a player who does not throw very far


leading edge; nose-up is when the leading edge is tilted upwards; nose-down is when the leading edge is tilted downwards


off-axis torque


next to throw; furthest player from the pin

Out-of-bounds (OB)

area in which the disc is not intended to settle, incurs a one stroke penalty, player throws from the spot where the disc traveled out-of-bounds. typically given 1 meter relief from where the disc traveled out-of-bounds

Overstable (Beefy)

the propensity of the disc to turn to the left when thrown RHBH

Paper Plate

a disc so flippy it flies like a paper plate


the predetermined number of strokes that a player should require to complete a hole

Par Frame

refers to the entire card scoring a par on a hole


when a disc lands a few feet within the basket on a drive or up-shot

Patent Pending

a backwards facing approach shot


Professional Disc Golf Association

PDGA Major

most prestigious tournaments in disc golf, including Worlds and USDGC; tournaments requiring qualification or invitation

PDGA Player Rating

a number that shows how close your average round scores are compared to the course rating, of the courses you’ve played in competition (source: PDGA)

Penalty Stroke

additional stroke added to the scorecard due to a foot fault, missed mando, landing OB or rule violation

Perfect Round

18 under par on an 18 hole course; ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=352G0B4OClU

Phantom Branch (Ghost Limb)

a tree branch/limb invisible to the thrower until the disc inevitably hits it


the pole of the basket underneath the cage

Pin High

a shot that comes to rest at an equal distance from the tee as the basket but off to the side


the material from which the discs are made

Play Through

the act of allowing another group of players to play a hole before you in order for them to pass through to the next hole

Play-off (Bonus Golf)

sudden-death to determine a winner after a tie in regulation

Plays Like A River

where cart paths or sidewalk are OB and either side is inbounds as if the cart path or sidewalk was a river


throwing a disc high into the treetops surrounding the basket with the hopes it bounces off the branches and settles near the basket

Pop Top

a disc with a domey flight plate

Power Grip

variation of the backhand grip, fingers are tucked into the rim

Pro Par

a par for the pro-level player but not for a casual player

Pro-side (Strong-side)

right-hand side of the chains for a RH player in which there is higher chance of making the putt, opposed to Am-side


an extra throw that is used when the question of whether or not the disc is OB is unclear, to save time and potentially strokes, a player must call a provisional before throwing, the player then plays from two different lies (provisional and OB), the player’s score is resultant from the correct lie as determined later by the tournament director

Puddle Top

refers to a sunken-in flight plate, resembling a puddle


refers to the act of pulling after a reachback; throw


to hit a line perfectly

Push Putt

a putting style in which the putter is propelled forward by a push with a low-spin rate


any throw within 20 meters (66 ft) of the basket


disc used to putt or for short distance throws

Raptor Legs

Ricky Wysocki’s famous run-in


to tease playfully for special, informal tournaments or between close friends; considered a courtesy violation during normal tournament play and may cost you an additional stroke


the act of reaching back


marking of a new lie which is farther from the target that is on the line of play, farther from the target, at the nearest point of relief; no penalty stroke for relief if relief is taken following a penalty stroke taken for a disc out-of-bounds or other special circumstances, penalty stroke incurred otherwise


right hand backhand throw


right hand forehand throw


balancing the risk versus the reward for a certain shot, example: going for the island… risk: losing your disc, reward: a birdie putt

Rocking to Brock

tribute song to pterodactyls by artist Unique Syntax. also known as a Disc Golf anthem that was popularized by the CCDG YouTube channel before greed and corruption eroded the heart and sole of their operation. (JK! …but not really)


disc thrown with the intention to roll on its edge

Rough (Cabbage)

area off the fairway


the activity of playing a course


when your body comes between the disc and the line of play preventing a straight pull; a rounded pull


set of movements before a shot that help the player get in the right state-of-mind and execute


a custom, non-standard layout of a hole or course


a player who is playing in a division lower than their skill level


see scramble, ex: birdie-save, par-save, bogey-save, etc.

Sawed Off

an early release resulting in less power

Schruted It

it’s just this thing people say around the office all the time… like when you screw something up in a really irreversible way. you Schruted it. see: we’re The Office fanatics

Scoober (Scoobie)

a utility shot type in which the disc is upside down and thrown in front of and across the body, starting from the player’s non-throwing shoulder; held with the forehand grip

Score Separation

different scores on a hole; a greater variation in scores means a higher scoring separation


a card in which scores are entered


to recover from a poor lie and still save par or better

Scratch Scoring Average (SSA)

the score that produces a round rating closest to 1000; the higher the SSA, the more challenging the course played in that round

Sexton Golf

smart golf, conservative play


[Nate] Sexton Firebird; Nate Sexton signature disc


a poor throw, typically leads to a mulligan


a non-podcast not about disc golf hosted by Jomez and Big Sexy


(Shool? Schule? Yes, this is a dictionary but no we don’t know how to spell it ;)) – the rough in some parts of the world; thick foliage next to the fairway

Signature Disc

a disc stamped with a pro player’s signature, see Sexybird

Simon Line

a throw that does not exist except for the in the mind of Simon Lizotte

Skins Match

a round of disc golf in which a “skin” represents a hole, typically cash is awarded to the winner of each skin; a push in a skins match is when a skin is not won and is pushed to the next hole thus increasing the number of skin on one hole


refers to when a disc bounces off the ground


shot type invented by Simon Lizotte that resembles the thumber but is thrown with the same grip as a backhand roller, throw anhyzer line with an extremely understable disc to flip completely on its back

Sky Roller

backhand roller that is thrown high into the sky before landing on angle and rolling


slow-motion replay of a made putt


slow-motion replay in which the player is on a drastic slope facing downwards to the basket


the point in which momentum is transferred into the disc, imparting spin to the disc; hit


carding a score of 8 on a hole and making light of the situation by pointing out the fact that the digit looks like a snowman


rate at which a disc travels in the air

Speed of Play

the rate at which the game is played

Spike Hyzer

a shot with extreme hyzer angle, typically to knife into the ground and reduce skip

Spin Putt

a putting style in which the putter is propelled forward with a high-spin rate


a missed putt in which the putt should have stayed in the basket but was spit back out


a missed putt in which the putt makes contact near the center and goes out the other side with minimal resistance from the chains


a missed putt in which the putt was on the side, caught a lot of chains yet was pushed out

Spush Putt

a putting style where the putter is propelled forward with both a push and a high spin rate

Stable (Neutral)

the propensity of the disc to fly straight

Staggered Stance

putting style in which one foot is in front of the other, opposed to a straddle putt

Stall Shot

a shot that is intentionally thrown nose-up in order for the disc to stall in the air or in other terms to drop out of the sky as if it were a helicopter that lost power midflight


design on the flight plate


refers to the entire card scoring a birdie on a hole

Step Putt (Stepper)

similar to a jump putt but instead of jumping, the player steps forward beyond their lie

Straddle Putt

a putting style in which the player spreads their legs and squats as if straddling a horse


a throw

Stroke and Distance

an OB rule in which the player is given a penalty stroke and loses any gain of distance towards the hole and must throw from the spot where the previous stroke was made (the stroke that went OB)


refers to the entire card scoring a birdie with an eagle(s) to


a disc that is folded in half, resembling a taco


a wind blowing from behind

Take Your Medicine

refers to throwing a shot that is not fun; examples: laying up in front of a death putt or pitching back out into the fairway from thick rough

Tap-in (Gimme)

a very short range putt


tournament director

Tee (Teebox/Teepad)

starting point for a hole, typically a concrete rectangle

The Turn

after the 9th hole, the halfway point on a course, where you ‘turn' for home


an easy three


when a player putts three times on the same hole


a throw (not a putt) in which the disc settles in the basket


an attempted throw that accidentally turns into a roller


overhand throw in which the thumb is placed inside the rim and all other fingers are on the flight plate; flight: flips, pans out, and will straight down


a failed attempt at Disc Golf media innovation


overhand disc golf throw in the grip is similar to the forehand

Tombstone (Land Shark)

a disc lodged into the ground at a spike hyzer angle, resembles a shark fin and a tombstone

Top of the World

a hole where the teepad is located very high above the basket as if you were teeing off from the top of the world

Touch (Finesse) Shot

a floaty, short shot used for accuracy in tricky circumstances

Touring Pro

a professional disc golf player that tours the country (or nearby states) playing many tournaments along the way

Tournament Central

main hub in which to find scorecard, information, etc. related to the tournament


when a disc hits a tree and changes course


when you get a favorable kick from a tree


when a tree denies an otherwise excellent shot

True Par

a par that is a true test to attain

Turbo Putt

a putt in which the disc is held like a pizza (thumb underneath and fingers along the rim)


three birdies in a row


propensity for the disc to turn to the right or turnover (RHBH); high-speed stability


flight shape in which the disc curves in the opposite direction it naturally wants to curve (fade), ex: RHBH throw naturally curves left, a turnover is when it curves right


a hole that plays somewhere between two different pars, whether between a par 3 or par 4, or between a par 4 and a par 5, etc.


fellow pioneer in disc golf, an app provides live scoring for major tournaments, scorecards, course maps, and many other great features

Understable (Flippy)

the propensity of the disc to turn to the right when thrown RHBH

Up and Down (Approach)

the act of taking just two strokes to get your disc into the basket when your disc is resting outside the green


United States Disc Golf Championship

Whale Sac

a whale shaped grip bag filled with clay based stone/powder to knead into your hands or rub onto a disc! available at jomezpro.com/shop


rim width

Wire to Wire

leading the tournament from start to finish

World Champ Love (5-time OR any number-time)

lucky breaks for world champions


PDGA World Championships

Worm Burner

a high-speed throw that glides mere inches above the ground

WTF Richard

the saying made famous in a viral YouTube video in which a player is seen teeing off and grip locks so bad that he shanks his disc roughly 90 degrees to the right of him over a highway. as the disc disappears out of sight never to be seen again the cameraman exclaims angrily, “What the (fudge), Richard!” you have every right to shout this at your friend if you ever see them shank a shot this poorly


footwork in which the left foot goes behind and in front of the right foot for a RHBH in order to improve weight transfer


similar to a grip-lock, disc is pulled too far to the right for a RHBH typically resultant from trying to throw too hard

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  1. Commentators often use the term ”pured” about a throw without any shenanigans. Could you further explain what it means?

    1. Personally, I don’t like when they use pure as a verb. That was a pure shot? Sure. He pured that shot? Nah, but whatever. It’s most often used to describe a shot that flies the best line for the hole, hits the center of a gap, or an otherwise good shot that is clearly what the player intended.

  2. Bowl Hole. Usually a scenic, comfortable tee area out of sight from other players where card mates share a smoke.
    ed: recognizing the origin and heritage of the game. like it or not disc golf was created as a counter culture free activity popularized by and maintained by a plethora of pot smokers.

  3. I would like to see a definition for ‘Flex’ as well.. I think I’ve heard it in commentary as “flex back”?

  4. Definition of pin high is incorrect. Equidistant means halfway.

    Fighter…a disc that keeps going forward despite hitting a tree or cabbage…as in that disc is a fighter.

    Paper plate…a disc so flippy it flies like a paper plate

    Baby come back…sung to a disc that tuned over unexpectedly

    First available…you hit the first tree

    Flare skip….high, arching skip that can occur when throwing a distance driver

    Ace run…

  5. “The” Turn- space between hole 9 and hole 10 on a typical 18 hole course
    Birdie bag- another term for whalesac

  6. Your Out Still Out – (YOSO) After a drive, approach, or putt comes to rest and is still further away from the basket than other players shots on the hole.

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